Collins Domain

Ezekiel 3 Collins (Joseph 2, Henry 1) was born at Lynn February 17, 1697-8. He married May 12, 1721, Rebekah Graves.

The following abstracts show all his sales of land in Lynn:

Ezekiel Collins, of Lynn, husbandman, with his wife Rebecca, sold land in Lynn to Henry Silsbee, November 4, 1724. They sold to Samuel Graves land and buildings with fruit trees, etc., adjoining his own land, May 10, 1727: and another tract of land to Crispus Graves, March 22, 1728-9. They sold to Nathaniel Collins a tract of land originally laid out to Joseph Collins, September 11, 1729. "Ezekiel Collins, of Lynn, housewright," sold 25 acres of land with buildings, ''on the road to Lynn North Precinct," April 5, 1731. Then, January 3, 1731-2, he sold for 150 pounds to Samuel Hallowell of Lynn, his house, barn and seven acres of land in Lynn, "bounded westerly on the town Common."

Thus he disposed of all his holdings in his native place and prepared to remove to a point in the interior of the province. On the records of Worcester County we find a purchase deed which carries his history over from the shore to the highlands :

"Ezekiel Collins of Lynn" bought of Thomas Bellows of Southborough, housewright, for 50 pounds, about 13 acres of land in Southborough, August 25, 1733. This is the first of a number of real estate transactions, covering a period of more than twenty years, the records of which are found in Worcester County deeds. In 1745 he bought land in Westborough for 400 pounds, and in 1750 he sold land in that town to William Upham for 600 pounds and he and Rebekah signed the deed. In 1765 Ezekiel Collins, yeoman, deeds to Mark Collins, yeoman, for 200 pounds, land "with dwelling house on same where said Ezekiel and Mark now dwell," and Rebekah's signature as well as his own is affixed to the deed. Mark was probably the son of Ezekiel and was going to "carry on the place" and "look after the old people," as it is stated in the deed that "it is the design and true intent and meaning of said Ezekiel, Rebekah and Mark that the said Ezekiel and Rebekah shall have the full free and absolute liberty, privilege etc. during both and each of their natural lives."

If we are right in concluding that Mark was the son of Ezekiel and Rebekah, they had at least three children.